Missing maps

Missing maps

28 October, 2015 by tsamaya

Maptime-Alpes + Missing Maps Mapathon

First missingmaps mapathon in Grenoble! Although the goal was to contribute to #missingmaps tasks in the HotOSM task manager, we changed course to map population zones and roads in Afghanistan, in light of the recent earthquake there.

A small group of die-hard mappers showed up, despite the atrocious weather we were experiencing.

Yet again, we would like to thank the local OSM group who showed up to make sure we had all the help we needed with respect to the OpenStreetMap tools (JOSM in particular).

Martin et Maeve of CartONG also came down from Chambéry to offer support and to do some mapping themselves.

Thanks to all the mappers who showed up - if you weren’t able to attend, worry not, we will be doing more mapathons in the future!

Image of the night: image

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