Leaflet Intro

22 December, 2015 by tsamaya

Leaflet Introduction

After reboot, a webmap presentation, Leaflet is coming back for a new session.

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GIS Day 2015

19 November, 2015 by paul desgranges

GIS Day 2015

The third Wednesday of each November is GIS Day!

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Missing maps

28 October, 2015 by tsamaya

Maptime-Alpes + Missing Maps Mapathon

First missingmaps mapathon in Grenoble!

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30 September, 2015 by tsamaya


It’s the beginning of a new season of Maptime-Alpes! To kick things into gear, laurent re-presented the fabled anatomy-of-a-web-map.

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Tour de France 2015

07 July, 2015 by tsamaya

Tour de France 2015

As it is the beginning of the Tour de France, we had the idea to make and share several maps of the route of this year’s Tour.

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Show us what you got

11 June, 2015 by tsamaya

Maps sharing workshop

For this workshop, we turned the tables a bit, and handed the reigns over to the people. Participants were invited to share their personal map and/or geospatial projects.

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Humanitarian OSM Mapathon - Nepal

07 May, 2015 by tsamaya

OSM crisis mapping for Nepal

Maptime HQ called: Calling all troops! Help HOT, and on Tuesday May, 5th, we answered with a Maphathon to support humanitarian efforts in Nepal.

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Geospatial D3.js Workshop

03 April, 2015 by abenrob

D3js does maps!

After the great presentation on d3js for spatio-temporal visualizations, we wanted to keep the momentum going and dive in with a hands-on d3 workshop. Since this is Maptime-Alpes, not Charttime-Alpes, we focused primarily on the geographic capabilities of d3.

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Spatio-Temporal D3.js

15 March, 2015 by abenrob

Spatio-Temporal D3js

D3.js always piques a lot of interest, and we had been eager to do a d3 session for a while. Since d3 excels at so much more than SVG charts, we really wanted to show what was possible, and get folks excited about the potential.

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Leaflet workshop recap

16 February, 2015 by tsamaya


For this recent event, a dozen people showed up to have some fun with a LeafletJS workshop! After a nice overview of concepts behind Web Mapping and Leaflet.js, from the basics of webmaps to Leaflet.js integration and development, it was time for us to get down to business and start to code.

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Tilemill workshop recap

06 December, 2014 by abenrob

Cuttin’ tiles with TileMill!

A half-dozen folks come out for our TileMill workshop during our November meeting. We learned the ins and outs of TileMill from data loading to interactive features.

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October meeting recap

17 November, 2014 by abenrob

First meeting was a success - next meeting announced!

We had our first meeting on Tuesday, and had a great turnout of 11 people - not bad for a first effort!

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Maptime-Alpes is launching!

09 October, 2014 by abenrob

Busy later this month?

Come help launch Maptime-Alpes, the Rhône-Alpes chapter of! We will be meeting here in Grenoble at 7pm on October 28th, at co-work.

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