Vélo Isère

09 June, 2016 by abenrob

In this tutorial, we are going to explore the components of route-finding APIs, and build a simple application to find a bike route between two points. We are going to use html5 geolocation to pin-point our location, the BAN database of french addresses to find our destination, and itinIsère and métromobilité to find the actual routes.

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d3 Geospatial

02 April, 2015 by abenrob

As a simple web search will tell you, D3 is a data visualization library that runs like lightning in your web browser. You may hear data visualization and think I don’t need a data viz lib, I make maps. Well, maps run on data, plus D3 is actually pretty good with maps, so keep an open mind. You might also wonder why you would choose D3 over another library like Leaflet.js. The short answer is it really depends on your use case and the type of data you want to display. The long answer is this tutorial.

D3 stands for Data Driven Documents. We will unpack this title in three parts. First, we’ll take a look at Documents, then check out Data and finally explore Driven. By the time we dive into the meat and potatoes of the tutorial, you should have a pretty clear sense of how D3 relates to technology you’ve used in the past.

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